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n.1.A collection of vedic hymns, songs, or verses, forming the first part of each Veda.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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"Is it because 'Chunav Achar Sanhita' has become 'Modi Prachar Sanhita'?
Sanhita Agnihotri welcoming the representatives of FIA organizations who went on to thank them for their steadfast support in helping FIA cross milestones.
Seshadri Sekhar CHATTERJEE, (1*) Soumitra DAS, (2) Sukanya GUPTA, (3) Sanhita BHATTACHARYA (4)
Neha Bhasin, Creative Director,, and Sanhita Dasgupta, Myntra Fashion Expert, list some travel looks.
[1.] Saptarsi Goswami, Sanjay Chakraborty, Sanhita Ghosh, Amlan Chakrabarti and Basabi Chakraborty, 2016.
emblica is a rich source of a vitamin C, which plays an important role in scavenging free radicals (Sanhita et al., 2013).
152), studies conducted by several NGOs, on the issue of workplace sexual harassment have found that the "actual numbers are far greater than the surveys indicate" and Sanhita, "sees this as the tip of the iceberg".
The function was made colourful by the scintillating dance performance by Malavika Mohan and group and the melodious song by Sanhita Srinivas.
I thank Soma Sen Gupta, Director of Sanhita and Shalini Gupta for their support.
Sanhita Agnihotri deeply lamented the loss of lives of the soldiers and pledged that the Indian American community will formulate a plan to support the families of the victims.