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n.1.A sanitarian.
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Gaps remain not only between the promises to tackle the social and environmental determinants of health, but also in management and autonomy at territorial and local level, which is key to bringing about a shift in the SUS toward a model that overcomes the paternalistic and sanitarist approaches.
23) Pataljon pidi koosnema 200 reamehest (50 meest igasse roodu), komandorist ja tema adjutandist, neljast roodukomandorist, neljast nooremohvitserist, kaheksast reavanemast, majandusulemast, asjaajajast, arstist, velskrist, neljast sanitarist, kahest kirjutajast, varahoidjast ning viiest riide-ja toidumoonaga varustajast--kokku 234 meest.
In the same year of its inception, the CEBES (1976) launches its publication Saude em Debate (25), whose first issue is dedicated to the sanitarist Samuel Pessoa and to the discussion of social security.