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The Persian, Arabic, and Sanscrit languages engaged his attention, and I was easily induced to enter on the same studies.
He knew it so well that he once astonished a professor of Oriental languages by repeating correctly a sentence of Sanscrit that had been written in "Visible Speech" characters.
In the Neogrammarian Era they paid special attention to the Veps language and even called it the Finnic Sanscrit (Grunthal 2015 : 22), believing it possessed a certain archaic character that may shed light on the history of the Finnic linguistic community evolution.
L'avenement de cette discipline, qui bouleversera le champ des sciences humaines, fut lie, selon James Turner, a deux facteurs principaux : la decouverte des similitudes entre la structure grammaticale, le lexique et la syntaxe du sanscrit et les langues latine et grecque qui fut rendue possible par la colonisation anglaise de l'Inde (102); et le developpement d'une approche scientifique a l'etude des <<familles>> de langues--ce que l'on appellera <<grammaire comparee>>--dans les universites allemandes (103).
If I could say what is in my mind in Sanscrit or even Latin I would do so.
Le Mahavastu, Texte sanscrit publie pour la premiere fois et accompagne d'introductions et d'un commentaire.
Le Mahavastu: Texte sanscrit publie pour la premiere fois et accompa-gni d'introductions et d'un commentaire, ed.
The first endocannabinoid, N-arachidonoylethanolamine, was found in 1992 and termed "anandamide" after the Sanscrit word that means "bliss".
de Lubac, avait consacre une de ses premiers ecrits et auquel les lecons des sanscrit pendant ses etudes de litterature l'avaient prepare.
Alone as a novel, Samskara in its sophistication and artistry demolishes the thinking inherent in this part of Thomas Babington Macauley's "Minute on Indian Education" (1835):I have no knowledge of either Sanscrit or Arabic.
163) Mahatma, Sanscrit for 'great soul', is an honorific title for enlightened and prominent people.
Shastri [Varanasi: Chowkhamba Sanscrit Series Office, 1967]).