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n. pl. Santal or San·tals
A member of a Munda people inhabiting parts of northeast India, Bangladesh, and Nepal.


1. (Plants) another name for sandalwood
2. (Chemistry) a compound derived from sandalwood



a member of an indigenous people of E India, living mainly in E Bihar and West Bengal.
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Tenders are invited for Installation of street lighting system by led fittings at kalipada mukherjee rd, Santal pally, Bhuban mohan roy road and different area in ward no.
Major Products: Roll-on fragrances, spray lotions and body oils; top scents are Original, Muse, Santal and Last Petal
Reports said in the early 1960s Lachan Kumari, a queen of the Santal tribe that inhabited the area, donated a large chunk of her land to the Railways for the upliftment of her people.
Two hours later, after I made what seemed like life-threatening decisions, 'Lark' was born, and it was far better than I had any right to imagine, at once light and dark (a few of the notes included lotus, bergamot, bois de santal, gardenia, bamboo and sandalwood).
It has been unleashed by the BJP dominated Jharkhand government's hasty act of amendment of Chotanagpur Tenancy Act (1908) and Santal Parganas Tenancy (Supplementary Provisions) Act 1949.
Peace & Joy Patchouli & Ile de Santal Perfume Duet
The company manufactures Frica, a nectar brand with a long tradition and awareness, as well as Santal, a leading international brand within reduced sugar nectars.
Bagdi, Kurmi, Santal, Bhumij, Bauri, Kora, Mahli and Munda and other communities could not tolerate the British policy of resumption of land which they enjoyed since the Mughal period.
With the sale of 60% of the Brazilian company Santal Equipments, one of the main and strongest in Brazil in the production of equipment and machinery for the ethanol industry (Porto, 2012), the situation becomes more serious.
Variations in selection of medicinal plants by tribal healers of the Soren clan of the Santal tribe: a study of the Santals in Rajshahi district, Bangladesh.
Blanche Immortelle and Santal Carmin, the latest additions to Collection Metal, are now composed of four colognes absolues designed around the most rare and mysterious ingredients.
SourceOne Global Partners has reached an agreement with Santal Solutions, wherein SourceOne is awarded exclusive global distribution rights for Santal's new metabolic health and weight management product, LeptiPURE.