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n. pl. Santee or San·tees
A member of the eastern branch of the Sioux, comprising the Mdewakanton, Sisseton-Wahpeton, and Wahpekute peoples, with present-day populations in Nebraska, Minnesota, the Dakotas, and Canada. Also called Dakota, Eastern Sioux, Santee Dakota, Santee Sioux.
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The whites killed at Spirit Lake may or may not have been culpable in these abuses against the Santees. In the aftermath of the massacre, Inkpaduta became a figure of lore and legend among the Sioux and the whites.
This 300 page text is a nonfiction account of the Dakota, Sioux (aka the Santees of Minnesota).
Santees may reveal their identity or remain anonymous, and gifts are to be delivered by courier before December 31.