Santiago de Cuba

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Santiago de Cu·ba

 (də kyo͞o′bə, dĕ ko͞o′vä)
A city of southeast Cuba on an inlet of the Caribbean Sea. Founded in 1514, it was a haven for buccaneers and smugglers during its early history.

Santiago de Cuba

(Spanish de ˈkuβa)
(Placename) a port in SE Cuba, on Santiago Bay (a large inlet of the Caribbean): capital of Cuba until 1589; university (1947); industrial centre. Pop: 456 000 (2005 est)

Santia′go de Cu′ba

(də ˈkyu bə)
a seaport in SE Cuba. 440,084.
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Noun1.Santiago de Cuba - a port city in southeastern CubaSantiago de Cuba - a port city in southeastern Cuba; industrial center
Cuba, Republic of Cuba - a communist state in the Caribbean on the island of Cuba
2.Santiago de Cuba - a naval battle in the Spanish-American War (1898); the United States fleet bottled up the Spanish ships in the harbor of Santiago de Cuba and destroyed them when they tried to escape
Spanish War, Spanish-American War - a war between the United States and Spain in 1898
Cuba - the largest island in the West Indies
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New York (ACR-2) (April 21, 1898); his efforts to blockade Spanish ships in Cuba and to find a Spanish squadron under Admiral Cervera, were hampered by his relations with Commodore Winfield Scott Schley, who was Sampson's superior in rank, but who had been placed under Sampson's orders (April-May); during this search, bombarded San Juan (May 12); established blockade of Santiago harbor after Schley discovered Cervera's squadron there (May 28); Sampson's attempt to bottle up the harbor by sinking a ship across the narrow channel entrance failed (June 3); his bombardment of the city accomplished little (June 6); he had just left a meeting with General Shafter (U.S.
A naval victory was won in Santiago Harbor on July 3.
Sampson, whom he outranked, Schley operated off Cienfuegos and Santiago de Cuba, trying to find Spanish Admiral Cervera's squadron (May 18-26); served under Sampson in the blockade of Santiago Harbor (May-July); when Cervera sortied from Santiago harbor, Schley was in tactical command since Sampson was absent (July 3); issued no orders and in fact increased the confusion of the moment when his flagship U.S.S.

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