Sap green

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a dull light green pigment prepared from the juice of the ripe berries of the Rhamnus catharticus, or buckthorn. It is used especially by water-color artists.

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Precise closed shapes carry a sophisticated colour range of subtle greys and browns, contrasted with sap green, and cerulean blue; un-worked white page space contributes to the dramatic effect.
For "Salty Sap Green Black," her first solo exhibition in the United States, Oslo-based artist Ida Ekblad took us along on a scavenger hunt of sorts.
If you want to introduce an accent colour into your monochromatic scheme then, for a period property, perhaps go for a natural colour, such as a sap green. Just choose a few pieces like a rug, an old bakelite telephone or simply a huge bunch of foliage and place around your room.