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Noun1.Saprolegniales - order of chiefly aquatic fungi
fungus order - the order of fungi
class Oomycetes, Oomycetes - nonphotosynthetic fungi that resemble algae and that reproduce by forming oospores; sometimes classified as protoctists
genus Saprolegnia, Saprolegnia - aquatic fungi growing chiefly on plant debris and animal remains
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Aislamiento de Saprolegnia y hongos Saprolegniales por la "tecnica de microvacuum".
Cell wall formation in the Saprolegniales: cytoplasmic vesicles underlying developing walls.
A comprehensive protocol for improving the description of Saprolegniales (Oomycota): two practical examples (Saprolegnia aenigmatica sp.
Most of the species belong to the Blastocladiales, Chytridiales and Rhizophydiales among the Fungi, whereas among the Straminipila the Pythiales and Saprolegniales presented the highest number of species in both countries.
Taxa Piaractus brachypomus Cuvier, 1818 Skin Muscles Liver Straminipila Hyphochytriomycetes Hyphochytriales Olpidiopsis saprolegniae Cornu d Peronosporomycetes (Oomycetes) Saprolegniales Achlya debaryana Humphrey - - - Achlya dubia Coker b - - Achlya klebsiana Pieters d - - Achlya oblongata de Bary b, f - - Achlya polyandra Hildebr.
Host range and specifity of an Argentinean isolate of the aquatic fungus Lepcolegnia chapmanii (Oomycetes: Saprolegniales), a pathogen of mosquito larvae (Diptera: Culicidae).
Dentro de los Peronosporomycetes, las Saprolegniales, comunmente conocidas como "mohos acuaticos", son las mas ubicuas entre los organismos acuaticos (Alexopoulos et al., 1996).