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 (săl′ə-rē-măn′, săl′rē-)
A Japanese corporate businessman.

[Anglicization of Japanese sarariman, salaried man : English salary + English man.]


n, pl -men
(in Japan) an office worker


(ˈsæl ə riˌmæn)
n., pl. -men.
(in Japan) a white-collar businessman.
[1960–65; < Japanese < E salary + man]
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Tomoko Hidaka, in "Masculinity and the Family System," focuses on the post-war Japanese conception of the sarariman or "salaryman" (2) as a representative of "the hegemonic form of masculinity" (112).
Most bourgeois women in Japan, if they have a job at all after child-rearing, work at menial, time-consuming if "part-time" jobs for half the pay of a male while retaining their full-time job keeping house and family for an absent sarariman (salary-man) husband.
La sistematizacion social, cada vez mas obvia a partir de la industrializacion de Japon, avanza al parejo del numero de los llamados sarariman (del ingles salaryman) (26), que ha crecido hasta llegar a ocupar las posiciones mas importantes de la sociedad.
On overcrowded trains, rows of weary-looking sarariman ("salary men" or male office workers) and OL (an abbreviation of "office ladies") insulate themselves from the crush of other commuters by focusing almost Zen-like attention on small, glowing screens, scanning email or news headlines, or feeding insistent virtual pets.