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 (sə-rŭs′və-tē, sŭr′əs-)
The Hindu goddess of learning and the arts, often described as the consort of Brahma and as a manifestation of Devi.

[Sanskrit Sarasvatī, name of a sacred river, Sarasvati; akin to Avestan haraxvaitī-, name of an ancient region on the western side of the Indus, from Proto-Indo-Iranian *sarasvatī, feminine of *sarasvant-, *sarasvat-, abounding in bodies of water : *saras-, body of water + *-vant-, *-vat-, possessing, abounding in .]


(Hinduism) Hinduism a goddess of learning and eloquence


(səˈrʌs və ti, ˈsʌr əs və-)

the Hindu goddess of learning and the arts.
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Noun1.Sarasvati - Hindu goddess of learning and the artsSarasvati - Hindu goddess of learning and the arts
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The whole area around Derawar was once well watered by the Ghaggar River, now called the Hakra in Pakistan, and known in ancient Vedic times as the Sarasvati.
Michel Danino, author of The Lost River: On the Trail of the Sarasvati , reminds of the dilemma .
The region to the east of where the Sarasvati (River) disappears, west of Kalaka forest, south of the Himalayas, and north of Pariyatra mountains is the land of the Aryas.
The three chief cities of Koala were Ajodhya, Skeat and Sarasvati.
Kefferstan was a founding member of the Sarasvati Piano Trio.
Let's salute every woman, every girl child every little Lakshmi and Sarasvati reincarnate in India.
The researchers found the geologic remnants of the Hindu's legendary sacred Sarasvati river in the desert surrounding the modern-day Ghaggar-Hakra valley.
The ITC Grand Chola, a Luxury Collection Hotel in Chennai, India will also be opening in August 2012, and The Sarasvati, a Luxury Collection Resort hotel in Bali, is expected to open in January 2014.
Travel professionals will also learn about the more rural and residential area of Seminyak, home to the W Retreat & Spa Bali and the high-end eco boutique Sarasvati Bali, a Luxury Collection resort, opening in January of 2014.
At the beginning of the show, as the gifted Buddhist-musician Jing Shanyuan sang, the collection was displayed on stage, embodying the essence of Sarasvati and Heart Sutra, touching the heart and soul of each member in the audience.
81 year old Swami Lakshmananda Sarasvati had been in the region for several decades doing social work among the poor, establishing hospitals and medical clinics and of late countering the activities of the Christian missionaries among the tribes of Kandamahal.
All of the rivers in this hymn are considered "feminine" except the Indus, which is masculine and hence given a special status second only to the mythical Sarasvati River.

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