Saratoga trunk

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Saratoga trunk

A large traveling trunk having a rounded top.

[After Saratoga (Springs).]
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Sar′ato′ga trunk′

a large traveling trunk with a curved top.
[1855–60, Amer.; after Saratoga Springs]
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If one could cleave off the butt end of such a glacier--an oblong block two or three miles wide by five and a quarter long and two thousand feet thick-- he could completely hide the city of New York under it, and Trinity steeple would only stick up into it relatively as far as a shingle-nail would stick up into the bottom of a Saratoga trunk.
The massive arches of some of these ruins rest upon piers that are fifteen feet square and built entirely of solid blocks of marble, some of which are as large as a Saratoga trunk, and some the size of a boarding-house sofa.
"Such as it is," responded Fairfax, with a shade of anxiety, as he glanced at the fresh and pretty costumes of the young women, and dubiously regarded the two Saratoga trunks resting hopelessly on the veranda.
She ran the vintage clothes shop Saratoga Trunk in Glasgow with husband Farquhar and provided costumes for Madonna in Evita and Ewan McGregor in Young Adam.
After a morality-driven city administration had closed down the casino, Saratoga Springs started to go downhill (but remained fashionable during the horseracing season), resulting in the closing and demolition of the famous Saratoga Hotel, which was central to the movie Saratoga Trunk starring Ingrid Bergman.
Cathie owned vintage clothes shop Saratoga Trunk in Glasgow, selling fashions from the Victorian era.
The lace pieces and trinkets once lay mothballed in the bottom drawers of legions of Scots great-grannies until they were sold to Cathie McLay, owner of Saratoga Trunk.
Later, more "sophisticated" uses for the lumber included barber poles, wooden washing machines, lard pails, interior panels for Pullman cars, Saratoga trunk slats and piano cases.
Saratoga Trunk (1941), a novel, was presented on Broadway as Saratoga (1960).
"She was a regular customer at the month-old bar and at its predecessor, the Saratoga Trunk. |She used to go dancing several times a week,' her roommate said.
Jewellery from Saratoga Trunk. Shot on location at Saratoga Trunk, Glasgow.