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n.1.(Zool.) The old squaw, or long-tailed duck.
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Comme le canard colvert, le milouin, le morillon, la sarcelle d'hiver, la becassine des marais ont deserte les lieux sur lesquels regne un silence sideral.
Il a permis de repertorier une trentaine d'especes avifaunes, pour la plupart des anatides (377 canards souchets, 75 pilets, 60 siffleurs, 500 tadorne casarca et 200 sarcelle marbrees).
beaucoup moins que]Des especes rares comme la sarcelle marbree, l'iris nature a tete blanche, taleve sultane (poule sultane), futigule nyroca vivent dans ce lac.
Address : Numro National D~identification : 25950208600012, 1 Rue Des Tissonvilliers, 95200, Sarcelles, F
JoA'l Benguigui, 57, and his wife, JoA'lle, were heading home after a stop at the kosher hypermarket in the city of Sarcelles, near Paris, when JoA'lle realized she'd forgotten to buy chicken.
350 canards souchets, 222 tadornes de belon, 47 tadornes casarca, 296 sarcelles d'hiver, 151 sarcelles marbrees) ainsi que d'autres especes tels le flamand rose (1.
A 20 kilometros de la capital francesa, Sarcelles es un mosaico de comunidades.
And he admits the leafy surrounds of his new Dingwall digs are far removed from the concrete sprawl of notoriously tough Sarcelles in northern Paris.
A court for the Sarcelles district in the northern suburbs handed down sentences of between six and ten months in jail to three young men in the twenties and gave suspended sentences and fines to others, media and judicial sources said.
The three men jailed were given sentences of between six and 10 months for their part in the rioting in Sarcelles on Sunday.
Sarcelles, France (AFP) -- A French rally against the deadly Israeli offensive in Gaza once again descended into chaos Sunday as protesters looted shops and riot police lobbed tear gas and rubber bullets into the crowds.
Far from raising awareness, the attacks in Toulouse and Sarcelles were followed by a dramatic increase in anti-Semitic attacks," it said, noting that some offenders appeared to draw inspiration from the attacks.