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1. (Botany) the fleshy mesocarp of such fruits as the peach or plum
2. (Botany) any fleshy fruit


(ˈsɑr koʊˌkɑrp)

n. Bot.
1. the fleshy mesocarp of certain fruits, as the peach.
2. any fruit of fleshy consistency.
[1810–20; sarco- + -carp]
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Mesocarp (sarcocarp) is the soft or fleshy parenchymatous layer that makes these fruits attractive for animal dispersal, and is the part eaten also by people (e.g., Choerospondias, Harpephyllum, Lannea, Sclerocarya, and Spondias).
multiflorus sarcocarp, which directly impact its antioxidant activity, determine the optimal solvents for partitioning, and evaluate the in vitro antioxidant capacity of the sarcocarp extracts.
The reducing power of the extracts of the sarcocarp of C.
Sarcocarp consists of large, thin-walled, elliptical, loosely coherent cells, containing prismatic crystals of calcium oxalate and drops of essential oil [21].
In this contribution, a synergistic microbial consortium was established and modified for bioenergy generation from a complex energy source, in the form of the coconut sarcocarp, which is defined as the fleshy part of the fruit.