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n. pérdida progresiva de fuerza y masa muscular debida a la vejez.
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SARA-INT is the first clinical study to demonstrate the efficacy of a drug candidate on mobility in sarcopenic patients.
It is reported that the expression of genes implicated in mitochondrial energy metabolism is downregulated in sarcopenic rats with NMJ disruption.
This state is called sarcopenic obesity, and thus the relationship between reductions of muscle mass is often independent of body mass.
The extract of Ginkgo biloba EGb 761 reactivates a juvenile profile in the skeletal muscle of sarcopenic rats by transcriptional reprogramming.
As an example, there is the nursing phenomenon Frail elderly syndrome, from the Health Promotion domain, which contemplates malnutrition and sarcopenic obesity as related factors for its development.
Therefore, one can have a high BMI with weak muscle strength due to sarcopenic obesity.
2013) showed that physical activity was inversely associated with sarcopenia and sarcopenic obesity in the elderly Korean population.
Unfortunately, these characteristics make this population prone to abnormal body composition (namely, high fat mass (FM) and diminished fat-free mass (FFM), resulting in sarcopenic obesity) and low levels of strength, which may occur at any body mass index (BMI).
The double blind, placebo-controlled study included 60 sarcopenic men aged 65 and older (mean age = 72).