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Noun1.Sarda - bonitosSarda - bonitos        
fish genus - any of various genus of fish
family Scombridae, Scombridae - marine food fishes: mackerels; chub mackerels; tuna
bonito - any of various scombroid fishes intermediate in size and characteristics between mackerels and tunas
Atlantic bonito, Sarda sarda, skipjack - medium-sized tuna-like food fish of warm Atlantic and Pacific waters; less valued than tuna
Chile bonito, Chilean bonito, Pacific bonito, Sarda chiliensis - common bonito of Pacific coast of the Americas; its dark oily flesh cans well
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Around 20 volunteers from two mountain rescue teams and Search and Rescue Dogs Association (SARDA) scoured the mountainside for the couple.
We appreciate the sterling efforts of Sarda in times of crisis, all over the world, and are always happy to report on their activities.
Roland Leyland, from Sarda, said they had been called out at 8am yesterday and that the body had been found in the trench shortly after mid-day.
Sarda talked about the work being done at CDP, a not-for-profit charity that runs a global disclosure system for investors, companies, cities, states and regions.
Number search to SARDA eil The group's training officer Neil Powell said: "Training for this discipline takes a minimum of two years followed by a two-day assessment conducted by external assessors from Search and Rescue Dog Association Scotland.
"The dog handlers make an incredible commitment to train their dogs with Sarda in addition to their own team commitments, and together with their dog always offer valuable assistance."
"Fireside Ventures has been one our earliest supporters and we are glad to have them back with us in this round as well," said Sarda. "We have seen tremendous customer appreciation for our teas and plan to keep building the momentum.
As families strolled around the bustling market, looking at the glistening lights and dressed up mannequins displayed at the shops, they were reminded of Delhi Red Fort's Meena Bazaar during the Mughal era when a special closed market would be held for women of royalty," said Buxani, adding Sarda Trading's signboard with the same name gave it an official ring.
This was conveyed to the media by lawyer Bhag Singh, representing Sabah Publishing Sdn Bhd and Sarda, after the case management which was held in chambers before judicial commissioner Darryl Goon Siew Chye, who also recorded the settlements.
We are also eyeing our presence in non-metro cities very soon," added Sarda.