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 (sâr′ŏs′, sä′rôs)
The period of time, just under 19 years, between successive lunar or solar eclipses occurring when the sun, earth, and moon are in the same positions relative to one another. Also called saros cycle.

[Medieval Greek, from a misinterpretation of Greek saros, Babylonian astronomical cycle of 3,600 years, from Akkadian šār, šāru, the number 3,600, from Sumerian šár.]


(Astronomy) a cycle of about 18 years 11 days (6585.32 days) in which eclipses of the sun and moon occur in the same sequence and at the same intervals as in the previous such cycle
[C19: from Greek, from Babylonian šāru 3600 (years); modern astronomical use apparently based on mistaken interpretation of šāru as a period of 18 years]
saronic adj


(Placename) Gulf of Saros an inlet of the Aegean in NW Turkey, north of the Gallipoli Peninsula. Length: 59 km (37 miles). Width: 35 km (22 miles)


(ˈsɑr oʊs, -ɔs)

Gulf of, an inlet of the Aegean, N of the Gallipoli Peninsula.
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While government spending on infrastructure lagged at the start of the year due to the delayed approval of the P3.7-trillion 2019 national budget, Avisado said he was already signing many special allotment release orders (Saros) since he assumed office early this month
Seven paint choices are available: Azores Orange, Belize Blue, Lantana Purple, Onyx Black, Mauvine Blue, Silica White, and Saros Grey.
In the bottom half, Zack Saros of Pacific University advanced to the semifinals with hard-fought wins over UT's Shane Erwin and Justin Klein of MNSU.
The proposed procurement watchdog aims to curb corrupt practices such as ghost deliveries in government transactions and misuse of Special Allotment Release Orders (SAROs).
I will know whether payment has been made, whether there were deliveries, so we can avoid ghost deliveries and invented SAROs (special allotment release orders)," the president said during a briefing on Typhoon Ompongin Tuguegarao Sunday.
DENVER -- Colton Sissons and Filip Forsberg each scored twice, backup goaltender Juuse Saros stopped 33 shots and the Nashville Predators became the first NHL team to clinch a playoff spot this season by beating the Colorado Avalanche 4-2 on Friday night.
Carolina Hurricanes forward Josh Jooris scores a first period goal against Nashville Predators goalie Juuse Saros at PNC Arena.
ISTANBUL, Nov 25 (KUNA) -- NUSRET-2017 drills kicked off in the Gulf of Saros on Saturday with the participation of naval, air and coast guard forces from Turkey and NATO member states as well as other observer countries.
The Turkish Air Force and Navy will participate in NATO exercises NUSRET-2017, which is being held on November 25 - December4 in the Gulf of Saros, an inlet of the northern Aegean Sea, the Turkish General Staff said in a message.
Endris Mohammed was unanimously convicted last week of the murders of Saros Endris, aged eight, and his six-year-old sister Leanor, who both died of airway obstruction after suffering chemical burns to their faces.
Endris Mohammed, 47, had arranged for son Saros, eight, and daughter Leanor, six, to stay up late before killing them in the lounge.