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 (sə-roi′ən), William 1908-1981.
American writer whose works include short stories, such as "The Daring Young Man on the Flying Trapeze" (1934), plays, most notably The Time of Your Life (1939), and novels.
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(səˈrɔɪ ən)

William, 1908–81, U.S. writer.
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Noun1.Saroyan - United States writer of plays and short stories (1908-1981)
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The playwrights, with the exception of Lillian Hellman, are men: O'Neill, Odets, Saroyan, Wilder, Williams, Miller, Albee, and so on.
William Saroyan was called "sinful" in the New York Times and threatened with a court-martial by the Office of War Information for writing the antiwar novel The Adventures of Wesley Jackson, which ends with the commie sentiment, "Human beings must not murder one another.
(As does the reproach, implied in this disillusion, directed toward aesthetic fakery and the fetishization of youth and its sufferings.) The monstrous Saroyan, the paint job in the bordello, and Yoram's own return to Israelwhat do all these point to if not such a rejection?
Her first published poem was in Literary America in the 1930's in an issue that also contained one of William Saroyan's early short stories.
Meanwhile, federal medical examiner Camille Saroyan (Tarama Taylor) finds her job under threat.
It took William Saroyan, writer and fellow rebel (notorious for winning--and refusing--a Pulitzer Prize when Elvis was just a five-year-old in Tupelo, Miss.), to capture the true spirit of the man, and his music, in a Post essay entitled "It's Me, O Lord" (April 18, 1964).
The two commissions are a new adaptation by Appel of Chekhov's "The Cherry Orchard," which Appel will direct; and "Tracy's Tiger," a chamber musical that Penny Metropulos, Linda Alper, Douglas Langworthy and Sterling Tinsley adapted from a William Saroyan novel.
Originally published as Harlem as Seen by Hirschfeld by Hyperion Press in 1941, this handsome expanded edition features Hirschfeld's lively caricatures, prints, and drawings of Harlem's thriving nightlife and culture, as well as essays by William Saroyan, Zora Neale Thurston, and others.
Saroyan said many of his clients search for art in the architecture itself (which could be a problem for galleries hoping to sell those affluent homebuyers new work).
Bill Saroyan was somebody once--and never more so than in 1940, when he won the Pulitzer Prize and the New York Drama Critics' Circle Award for his play The Time of Your Life.