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He is a Filipino celebrity chef who had several television shows, both for cooking and travel, and is the owner-chef of Sarsa, the well-loved Ilonggo bistro.
Other possible characteristic Sahmirzadi words are sarsa 'rock'; zokot 'elbow', vs.
The sarsa or thick gravy, which can be sweet or peppery, makes the dish more flavorful.
A natural approach to these problems for agents that are continually acting and learning is temporal difference (TD) learning, introduced by Sutton (1984, 1988) in the context of policy evaluation, and later adapted for control through the Q-learning (Watkins 1989) and Sarsa (Rummery and Niranjan 1994) algorithms.
Hamari, Koivisto, and Sarsa (2014) conducted a comprehensive review of empirical studies of gamification across different contexts (e.g., education and consumer science), but only 24 studies were identified.
On the very next page we find the picture of a bottle of salsa (also referred to as sarsa), an Ayurvedic blood-purifying tonic also used in the treatment of venereal disease.
This paper uses a model-free algorithm named cooperative colearning based on Sarsa [12] in policy learning.