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n.1.An assart, or clearing.
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raa'ther a tidy sart,' and when he heard at last that his young friend had come down purposely to communicate his good fortune, and to convey to him all those assurances of friendship which he could not state with sufficient warmth in writing--that the only object of his journey was to share his happiness with them, and to tell them that when he was married they must come up to see him, and that Madeline insisted on it as well as he--John could hold out no longer, but after looking indignantly at his wife, and demanding to know what she was whimpering for, drew his coat sleeve over his eyes and blubbered outright.
Of the provision of the service: Les rizes and sarts asbl chausse de leurope, 124 5660 couvin.
SARTs in the community have been shown to increase the likelihood that victims receive the services they need (Campbell and Bybee, 1997).