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The presence of hats in both paintings--protecting the subjects' 'whiteness' from the sun's rays--further suggests the preservation of the light skin pigmentation, and thus the Anglo-Saxon race as 'true' representations of Saskatchewanian youths.
It's a trip that's definitely long overdue, and I can't wait to meet many a Saskatchewanian, smell some western red lilies, maybe sit under a white birch, and spot a few sharp-tailed grouse!
The first drowned in a particularly fast current in upper Montana, and the Canadian Rednecks (a group of hunters who promote themselves as Saskatchewanian militia) got the last bear after it tore apart a little girl-all they found were the pigtails.
As a Saskatchewanian who enjoys the entertaining spoofs in Corner Gas and Little Mosque on the Prairie, I would like to comment on Little Mosque puts fun in Islamic fundamentalism (February Journal).
Taken together they convince the reader that Saskatchewanians developed an educational system--especially a rural educational system--which rejected the eastern Canadian model and embraced the American.
Under the title "A stronger Saskatchewan, a better life", The Lieutenant Governor outlined the government's plans for ensuring continued economic growth and the participation of all Saskatchewanians in the province's new prosperity.
In another population-based cohort study, investigators at the Institute of Health Economics, Edmonton, Alta., identified 10,309 Saskatchewanians with type 2 diabetes.
Thus, all New Englanders are lumped together and differentiated from all those who live in the Deep South, and all Saskatchewanians are lumped together, etc.
The lead in the poll is endemic to Saskatchewanians' distrust of the government, along with their desire for greater economic opportunity, claims Wall.
Without getting into tiresome details, the NDP's $300,000 campaign calls on Saskatchewanians to "imagine" what life would be like with the extra $800 million the damned feds aren't coughing up.

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