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A city of south-central Saskatchewan, Canada, on the South Saskatchewan River northwest of Regina. Settled in 1883, it grew as a railway hub.


1. Any of several serviceberries, especially Amelanchier alnifolia of western North America.
2. The fruit of any of these plants.

[From Cree misaaskwatoomin, saskatoon berry.]


(Plants) a species of serviceberry, Amelanchier alnifolia, of W Canada: noted for its succulent purplish berries
[from Cree misaskwatomin, from misaskwat tree of many branches + min fruit]


(Placename) a city in W Canada, in S Saskatchewan on the South Saskatchewan River: oil refining; university (1907). Pop: 196 816 (2001)


(ˌsæs kəˈtun)

a city in S Saskatchewan, in SW Canada. 186,058.
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Noun1.Saskatoon - a city in central SaskatchewanSaskatoon - a city in central Saskatchewan; the largest city in the province
Saskatchewan - one of the three prairie provinces in west central Canada; "vast fields of wheat grow on Saskatchewan's prairies"
2.saskatoon - edible purple or red berries
berry - any of numerous small and pulpy edible fruits; used as desserts or in making jams and jellies and preserves
Juneberry, serviceberry, shadblow, shadbush, service tree - any of various North American trees or shrubs having showy white flowers and edible blue-black or purplish fruit
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The work includes supply of all new materials, equipment and labour necessary for the above noted work and all associated equipment, located at 202 - 4th Avenue North, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.
The Saskatoon Police Service Major Crime Unit is investigating a sudden death that occurred on June 1 in the La Ronge RCMP cell area.
We know that bringing these goals to fruition will involve more than just using pretty pictures and impressive facts about Saskatoon - we also need to focus on key motivating factors for people looking to invest and live in the city.
Germaine of Saskatoon has been nominated for Aboriginal Female Entertainer of the Year while Donny Parenteau of Prince Albert is vying for Aboriginal Male Entertainer of the Year.
Andrew's, Saskatoon, exists to proclaim the gospel and to share the love of God in our church and in our community.
Chad in Saskatoon announced it has sold three buildings on the University of Saskatchewan campus to the university for $1.
Whitecap Dakota First Nation, Saskatoon, Whitecap Community Mobilization Project.
On January 31, 2005, the diocese of Saskatoon published the instruction called Sacramental Sharing: Pastoral Directives for Sacramental Sharing in particular circumstances between Catholics and Baptized Christians of other Denominations.
Fresh Canadian Saskatoon berries will soon be available through a major UK retailer, says fruit importer JO Sims.
This young man was found frozen to death in an industrial part of Saskatoon in 1990 after last being seen by his friend Jason Roy in the back of a police car screaming in fear for his life.
This scene effectively captures the heart and soul of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, a quiet city of 200,000 people commonly referred to as Canada's agricultural biotech capital.
plans to close its Saskatoon brewery by May 1993 in an effort to consolidate its production, the brewer reported.

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