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A river, about 1,450 km (900 mi) long, flowing from southwest Tibet through northern India and eastern Pakistan, where it is joined by the Chenab River. It is one of the five rivers of the Punjab.


(Placename) a river in S Asia, rising in SW Tibet and flowing west through the Himalayas: crosses Himachal Pradesh and the Punjab (India), enters Pakistan, and joins the Chenab west of Bahawalpur: the longest of the five rivers of the Punjab. Length: 1368 km (850 miles)


(ˈsʌt lɛdʒ)

a river flowing W and SW from Tibet through NW India into the Indus River in Pakistan. 900 mi. (1450 km) long.
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I am indebted to Carlos Aguirre, Ala Alryyes, John Collins, Olivia Maria Gomes da Cunha, Grace Davie, Marc Hertzman, Paul Kramer, Satadru Sen, Peter Vellon, and the CUNY Faculty Publications Fellowship group for their thoughtful comments on earlier drafts of this article.
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57) As Satadru Sen has noted in a related context: 'if one of the primary objectives of the observation of incarcerated offenders was to learn the 'true nature' or the 'character' of the .