satellite dish

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satellite dish

A dish antenna used to receive and transmit signals relayed by satellite.



1. an open, relatively shallow container of pottery, glass, etc., used esp. for holding or serving food.
2. any container used at table.
3. the food contained in a dish.
4. a particular article or preparation of food: an easy dish to make.
5. the quantity held by a dish.
6. something like a dish in form or use.
7. concavity or the degree of concavity, as of a wheel.
8. Also called dish′ anten`na. a dish-shaped reflector, used esp. for receiving satellite and microwave signals.
9. Slang. an attractive person.
10. Slang. gossip.
11. to put into or serve in a dish, as food (often fol. by up).
12. to fashion like a dish; make concave.
13. Slang. to gossip about in a disparaging manner.
14. Slang. to gossip.
15. dish out, Informal. to deal out; distribute.
[before 900; Middle English; Old English disc dish, plate, bowl < Latin discus dish, discus]
صَحْن يَلْتَقِط مِن قَمَر إصْطِناعيطَبْقٌ قَمْر صناعيّ
satelitsatelitní parabola
satelitska antena
위성방송수신 접시 안테나
satelitná anténa
chảo vệ tinh

satellite dish

nantenna parabolica


(ˈsӕtəlait) noun
1. a smaller body that revolves around a planet. The Moon is a satellite of the Earth.
2. a man-made object fired into space to travel round usually the Earth. a weather satellite.
ˈsatellite dish noun
a large circular antenna for receiving TV signals from a satellite.

satellite dish

طَبْقٌ قَمْر صناعيّ satelitní parabola parabol Satellitenschüssel δορυφορικό πιάτο antena parabólica satelliittiantenni antenne parabolique satelitska antena antenna parabolica 衛星放送用パラボラアンテナ 위성방송수신 접시 안테나 satellietschotel parabolantenne antena satelitarna antena parabólica спутниковая антенна parabolantenn จานดาวเทียม uydu çanak chảo vệ tinh 圆盘式卫星接收天线
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Expats who left their home country for better opportunities in the UAE feel that they are more detached from their home after stricter regulations on the use of satellite dishes.
Abu Dhabi: Residents and landlords in the capital are once again being urged to remove randomly installed satellite dishes from balconies and rooftops.
In the latest dramatic show of regime hatred for satellite dishes, 6,000 of the television receivers were destroyed at a stadium in Shiraz.
Abu Dhabi Municipality is reiterating its warning to residents that they must remove satellite dishes fitted incorrectly to buildings and balconies.
The invention's unique design insures that snow and ice do not build up on satellite dishes.
RESPONDING TO SEVERAL new and proposed municipal ordinances in Chicago, Philadelphia and Boston that could ban satellite dishes in apartment common areas, the Satellite Broadcasting & Communications Association (SBCA) petitioned the Federal Communications Commission to amend the Over the Air Reception Devices (OTARD) rule, clarifying state and local governments' limits in regulating the installations.
NBN Co has entered into a $280 million deal with ViaSat to provide approximately 200,000 satellite dishes and related equipment.
We're giving away 42in Panasonic HD Freesat TVs worth pounds 900, HD digital boxes worth pounds 150 and satellite dishes - all professionally installed.
Then, these human-made devices circling above Earth transmit the signals to satellite dishes all over the world-giving people like this woman in Anhui a clear view of her favorite TV program.
As a result of the Government's ambitions, new planning regulations have been laid before Parliament which will amend the General Permitted Development Order (which deems to grant planning permission for certain types of development) for the installation of antennae, including satellite dishes, so that householders can use a wider range of antennae and satellites in order to access digital and broadband services.
TV-lovers in a National Park beauty spot have won the fight to keep their satellite dishes.
Court of Appeals denied the apartment industry's petition to overrule the Federal Communications Commission's (FCC) decision regarding the right of residents to install DBS satellite dishes.

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