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Sed ipse sathanas, cum mentem cuiusque mulieris similis ceperit et hanc per infidelitatem sibi subiugaverit, illico transformat se in diversarum formarum species et similitudines creaturarum, representat fantasie dormientis, qui huiusmodi superstitionem sequitur, et mentem quam captivam tenet, in somnis deludens, modo per leta, modo per tristia, imaginarie solum deducit, non veraciter, et cum hoc sola animapatiatur infidelis, hec non in animo, sed in corpore evenire opinatur (ARLES y ANDOSILLA, De superstitionibus, pp.
Influenced by the work of the aforementioned Mercyful Fate and Bathory, as well as England's Venom, groups such as Darkthrone (A Blaze in the Northern Sky [Peaceville/ Snapper 62028, 1991]), Emperor (In the Nightside Eclipse [Century Media 7759, 1994]), Gorgoroth (Under the Sign of Hell [Century Media 7945, 1999]), Immortal (All Shall Fall [Nuclear Blast 2303, 2009]), Mayhem (De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas [Century Media 7767, 1994]), and Satyricon (Nemesis Divina [Moonfog Productions 012, 1999]), firmly established the dark sound on these northern shores.
Pei Antecriste and Sathanas transfigure into an aungell of lyght.
In the Chester play, the din at the gates prompts Sathanas to cry, "Owt, alas, what is this?
As a result, his outburst of piety incites "oure firste foo, the serpent Sathanas,/ That hath in Jues herte his waspes nest" (VII: 558-559) to encourage them to murder the boy.
Oure firste foo, the serpent Sathanas, That hath in Jues herte his waspes nest, Up swal, and seide, "O Hebrayk peple, allas
He is accorded only one main entry, A Commission Sente to the Pope, Cardynaies, Bishops, Friers, Monkes, with all the Rable of that Viperous Generation by the Highe and Mighty Prince, and King Sathanas the Devill of Hell (1586), and cross-references link him with two other works: Andrew Kingsmill's A Most Excellent and Comfortable Treatise (1577), and STC 3286,A Commyssion Sent to the Bloudy Butcher Byshop of London, and to al Covents of Frers, by the High and Mighty Prince, Lord Sathanas the Devill of Hell (1557?
423-25) He [Godrich] was werse pan Sathanas Pat Iesu Crist in erpe shop-- Hanged worpe he on an hok
For though thou were the devel Sathanas, My trouthe wol I hold to my brother, As I am sworn, and ech of us til oother, For to be trewe brother in this cas; And booth we goon abouten oure purchas.