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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Speak, Jew have I not ransomed thee from Sathanas? have I not taught thee thy credo, thy pater, and thine Ave Maria?
Dean Swinford ends the volume on--no pun intended--a different note by examining the intersection of the medieval and black metal music, specifically in Mayhem's De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas.
His participation, alongside that of Ike and Saro-Wiwa--both of whom published their first short stories, 'In Dreamland' (Ike 1948/49) and 'Ave, Ave Sathanas' (Saro-Wiwa 1989), in the school periodical--further underscores their gratitude at the school's role in triggering their creative careers.
Influenced by the work of the aforementioned Mercyful Fate and Bathory, as well as England's Venom, groups such as Darkthrone (A Blaze in the Northern Sky [Peaceville/ Snapper 62028, 1991]), Emperor (In the Nightside Eclipse [Century Media 7759, 1994]), Gorgoroth (Under the Sign of Hell [Century Media 7945, 1999]), Immortal (All Shall Fall [Nuclear Blast 2303, 2009]), Mayhem (De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas [Century Media 7767, 1994]), and Satyricon (Nemesis Divina [Moonfog Productions 012, 1999]), firmly established the dark sound on these northern shores.
Pei Antecriste and Sathanas transfigure into an aungell of lyght.
Both Lazarillo and the Mercurio make use of extremes and antitheses; for example, in the Mercurio we find "de manera que so color de predicar Jesuchristo predicavas Sathanas" (96) [in such a way that pretending to preach Christ's word, you preached that of Satan].
In the Chester play, the din at the gates prompts Sathanas to cry, "Owt, alas, what is this?" (161).
A further call for gesture occurs when, three lines later, Christ declares, "Sathanas, ybonde pe; her shalt pou lay" (Satan, I bind you; here shall you lay; 147).
La asociacion del judio con el diablo, como "fillo de Sathanas" (Cantiga CVIII o Berceo XXV), que aparece tan frecuente mente en la literatura medieval, ya se encuentra en el Nuevo Testamento.
As a result, his outburst of piety incites "oure firste foo, the serpent Sathanas,/ That hath in Jues herte his waspes nest" (VII: 558-559) to encourage them to murder the boy.
Oure firste foo, the serpent Sathanas, That hath in Jues herte his waspes nest, Up swal, and seide, "O Hebrayk peple, allas!