Satilla River

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Sa·til·la River

A river, about 350 km (220 mi) long, of southeast Georgia flowing generally east, south, and east to an inlet of the Atlantic Ocean.
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5m award to Southern Concrete Construction for 6 miles of construction of two bridges and approaches on SR 252 over the Satilla River overflow to be completed by February 2017, and a $2.
The properties are known as Oglethorpe and Satilla River and are located mainly in Middle and South Georgia with about 95% of the acreage and in North Florida.
Fast Finding--Flathead catfish, illegally introduced into the Satilla River, Georgia, were first reported there in the mid-1990s, and have harmed the popular native sunfish fishery.
Impacts of electrofishing removals on the introduced flathead catfish population in the Satilla River, Georgia.
In a study on the Satilla River, a blackwater Coastal Plain river in the southeastern United States, Benke et al.