Saturated steam

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steam at the temperature of the boiling point which corresponds to its pressure; - sometimes also applied to wet steam.

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UG the extension with saturated steam about 1000 kg / h is done from the existingSteam boiler system in the existing heating system BT.
The operation is fully automatic with electronic fuel ZLuftverbundregeiung to produce saturated steam.
5 t / h (minimum) to 5 t / h of saturated steam and an operating pressure of 45 bar.
supply, installation and commissioning of a machine of double effect absorption, fed with saturated steam at 7 bar for producing chilled water 7/12 oc with cop and cooling capacity = 1.
Quotation are invited for Supply, installation, fabrication, comm1ss10ning of Instrumentation and control system related to W ASIF facility Phase - I at SRI, AERB, Kalpakkam DP type Level Transmitters(0-300mmWC), Fuji make or equivalent,DP type Level Transmitters(0-1300mmWC), Fuji make or equivalent,Temperature Transmitters (isolated output type) P&F make or equivalent,Vortex Flow meter (0 - 12000 1pm) for saturated steam flow measurement at a pressure of 10 bar.
The Steam Machine can utilize saturated steam generated from any source of waste heat and even geothermal brine.
Superba has developed a unique and performing heat setting system based on saturated steam.
Its efficiency depends on the adequate time, temperature, and pressure in which the saturated steam is in contact with the microbial cells.
In this present experimental investigation saturated steam at a pressure of 1.
The job met very critical and severe cyclic service requirements for super saturated steam of Reliance's J3 project expansion project," commented NIS general manager GK Roy.
It features a special compensation for the run time error in saturated steam application.
Vacuum steam pasteurization is a technology that injects saturated steam under vacuum to supply heat which can be controlled to achieve desired temperature.