Saturated steam

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steam at the temperature of the boiling point which corresponds to its pressure; - sometimes also applied to wet steam.

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Sutex Group also meets the demands of process steam requirement of dyeing and finishing plants by providing low pressure, low temperature saturated steam boilers.
The text also includes some useful appendices covering vitamins in foods, EEC permitted food additives, units and dimensions, temperatures of saturated steam, sizes of some common UK round cans, and latent heat of vaporization of water.
Cornerstone of the new series is the advanced XO-Steaming system, which uses intermediate vacuum technology and combined with internally produced 100% saturated steam it effectively humidify, set, pre-shrink and relax the textile products.
These units although being nominally efficient at their present conditions have little flexibility and often produce a mixture of water and saturated steam which has to be extensively treated before it can be used.
Overheated Steam emerges from saturated steam, which is further heated under constant pressure.