bordelaise sauce

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bor•de•laise′ sauce`

(ˌbɔr dlˈeɪz, -ˈɛz)

a brown sauce flavored with red wine and shallots.
[< French, feminine of bordelais of Bordeaux]
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For the main course, the Carnivor Cabernet Sauvignon 2013, with its full-bodied rich blend with hints of caramel, coffee and toasted oak, was excellent with the heavy US beef short rib, sauce bordelaise, duck liver and mushroom flan.
Caption: ABOVE, CLOCKWISE FROM TOP LEFT: Popular dishes at Magnolia House include: Gulf Snapper, with caramelized onions, pine nuts, and golden raisins over cauliflower puree; Nine Spice Gulf Shrimp and Grits; the "Fancy Pants" Burger--wa-gyu beef patty, roasted garlic aioli, Allan Benton's bacon, caramelized onions, hand cut fries, fresh cheese, beef belly gravy, and a fried egg; charbroiled ribeye with sauce bordelaise and horseradish smashed potatoes.
I expected to cut into a filet with sauce Bordelaise, but we were served turbot viennoise with "condiments." Translated, this was turbot and white beans in a rich lobster sauce with clams, basil, garlic and tomato confit--a hearty bite to pair with the lively 1990 Lafite and 2005 Caro, the Argentinean wine of Domaines Barons de Rothschild (Lafite).
It can be perplexing to try and understand how a chef who knows full well the difference between sauce bechamel, sauce soubise, and sauce bordelaise can be satisfied making a frozen beef-and-broccoli dish that's sold in a foil bag.
There are starters of grilled black pudding with a poached egg and sauce bordelaise, a mussel and leek risotto with cream sauce and a ravioli of goat's cheese with Parma ham and rocket with a dressing of tomato vinaigrette.