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Noun1.Sauria - true lizardsSauria - true lizards; including chameleons and geckos
animal order - the order of animals
order Squamata, Squamata - diapsid reptiles: snakes and lizards
saurian - any of various reptiles of the suborder Sauria which includes lizards; in former classifications included also the crocodiles and dinosaurs
family Pygopodidae, Pygopodidae - Australian and Tasmanian lizards
Cordylidae, family Cordylidae - small family of spiny ovoviviparous African lizards
family Teiidae, Teiidae - whiptails; etc.
Agamidae, family Agamidae - an Old World reptile family of Sauria
Anguidae, family Anguidae - alligator lizards
family Xenosauridae, Xenosauridae - monotypic family of Mexican lizards
Anniellidae, family Anniellidae - legless lizards
family Lanthanotidae, Lanthanotidae - stout-bodied lizards
family Helodermatidae, Helodermatidae - only known venomous lizards
family Lacertidae, Lacertidae - Old World lizards
Chamaeleonidae, Chamaeleontidae, family Chamaeleonidae, family Chamaeleontidae, family Rhiptoglossa, Rhiptoglossa - Old World chameleons; in some classifications they are considered a superfamily of Sauria
family Varanidae, Varanidae - monitor lizards
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