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Noun1.Saururaceae - family of perennial aromatic herbs: genera Saururus, Anemopsis, Houttuynia
dicot family, magnoliopsid family - family of flowering plants having two cotyledons (embryonic leaves) in the seed which usually appear at germination
order Piperales, Piperales - Piperaceae; Saururaceae; Chloranthaceae
genus Saururus, Saururus - type genus of the Saururaceae: lizard's-tails
Anemopsis, genus Anemopsis - one species: yerba mansa
genus Houttuynia, Houttuynia - one species; east Asian low-growing plant of wet places
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Simultaneous quantification of eight bioactive components of Houttuynia Cordata and related saururaceae medicinal plants by on-line high performance liquid chromatography-diode array detector- electrospray mass spectrometry.
wallichii (Miquel) Handel-Mazzetti Saururaceae Gymnotheca chinensis Decaisnc 15 Houttuynia cordata Thunberg 7 Annonaceae * Fissistigma glaueescens (Hance) Merrill 4 * F.
California bay Saururaceae Lizard's-Tail Family Anemopsis californica (Nutt.
Typhaceae 22 Pistia stratiotes Araceae 23 Thalia geniculata Marantaceae 17 Alternanthera philoxeroides Amaranthaceae 20 Pontederia cordata Pontederiaceae 15 Saururus cernuus Saururaceae 20 Semiaquatic or aquatic plants Colocasia esculenta Araceae 15 Typha sp.