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52] The Clerk has twenty books of Aristotle, which he values more than the apparel of a dandy, with ostentatious "robes rich, or fithele [fiddle], or gay sautrie [harp]" (GP 296).
3] -E+R TIRRANS, the plural of tirran, a Scots form of tyrant -E+V SIRVANT, a 14-16th century spelling of servant -I+F FARNETS, bands of attendants -N+J AIR-JETS, jets of air (see 1964 quote at OED trans-) -N+U SAUTRIE, a 14-16 century spelling of psaltery -N+Y RAYIEST, a possible superlative form of the adjective rayie, ray-like -N+Z RAZIEST, a possible superlative form of the adjective razie, racy -S+Y YAIR-NET, a long net with poles for catching fish -T+E ARISENE, obsolete form of arisen (see 1000 and c1175 quotes at OED arisen) -T+Y YAIRNES, the -s form of yairne, a 16th century Scots spelling of yearn -T+Z RAZINES, an obsolete spelling of raisins