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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Savely Yurkovsky, MD, is board-certified in internal medicine and board-eligible in cardiovascular medicine.
John Robert Savely and his wife of 60 years, Jeanne, had gone through their savings paying for their apartment in a senior living community in Glenview.
Savely Tartakovar, a renowned player in a match of 11 games.
WATERCOLOR PORTRAITS OF THE RINGLINGS by famed Russian society portraitist Savely Sorine.
(1-8) (32) A declaration of divinity in English quickly corroborates the virtuous and authoritative associations that these Latin verses invoke: 'Youre savyor nowe in youre sight / here may you savely see.
(AP) -- Deb Savely's lost childhood Bible was discovered in a box from Volunteer State Community College 40 years after she lost it.
One of the farmer remarks that they have been thrown sands in the fields for of rice (dhant) crop for harvesting the crop savely adding recent amount of heavy rains had caused havoc to the standing crops of rice in Sindh.
(46) The sense of risk involved in such exposure of the self is present in Erasmus's following up the pleasure of confiding with the confidence of trust 'whom ye may savely trust'.
Senderovich, Savely. "The Cherry Orchard: Chekhov's Last Testament." Russian Literature 35 (1994): 223-42.
The survey checklist was similar to the "Satellite Clinic Quarterly Inspection" form used by Tulane University's Office of Environmental Health and Safety (Tulane University Office of Environmental Health and Safety, 2009) and a number of other more general institutional health and safety checklists and resources (Charney & Schirmer, 1990; County of San Mateo, California, 2008; Emery & Savely, 1997; Gershon et al., 1995; Gershon et al., 2000; Kavaler & Spiegel, 1997; North Carolina State University, 2009; Stanford School of Medicine, 2009; Stanford University Environmental Health and Safety, 2009; Tai, 2001; U.S.
Design team: Rick Savely, Principal-In-Charge; Alyssa Scholz, Children's Practice Leader (TAYLOR); Vernon Southerland, General Contractor (Turner Construction); Jay Pich, Construction Manager (CLEO Enterprises, Inc.); Patricia Ford, Interior Design and Environmental Graphics (Ford Design); Craig Acosta, Programming (Kurt Salmon Associates)