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WATERCOLOR PORTRAITS OF THE RINGLINGS by famed Russian society portraitist Savely Sorine.
Of ornamental trees and shrub plants in green belt along both side of water channel existing savely road to plot no.
Savely Yurkovsky, MD, has evolved a novel medical model that interfaces important knowledge from biology, medicine, toxicology, and physics.
A declaration of divinity in English quickly corroborates the virtuous and authoritative associations that these Latin verses invoke: 'Youre savyor nowe in youre sight/here may you savely see.
In 1961, John Savely made a rare shopping trip to buy a Bible for his only daughter's seventh birthday.
One of the farmer remarks that they have been thrown sands in the fields for of rice (dhant) crop for harvesting the crop savely adding recent amount of heavy rains had caused havoc to the standing crops of rice in Sindh.
Yf a greate delectation of mynde be taken of the benevolence of our other kynsmen, sythe it is an especyall swetnes to have one with whom ye may communycate the secret affectyons of your mynde (quam dulce imprimis sit habere qui cum animi tui secretos affectus communices), with whom ye may speake even as it were with your owne selfe (qui cumperinde vt tecum loquaris), whom ye may savely trust (cuiusfidei te tuto committas), whyche supposeth your chances to be his, what felycyte (thynke ye) have the conjunction of man and wyfe, than whych no thynge in the universall worlde may be founde outher greater or fermer?
The survey checklist was similar to the "Satellite Clinic Quarterly Inspection" form used by Tulane University's Office of Environmental Health and Safety (Tulane University Office of Environmental Health and Safety, 2009) and a number of other more general institutional health and safety checklists and resources (Charney & Schirmer, 1990; County of San Mateo, California, 2008; Emery & Savely, 1997; Gershon et al.
Design team: Rick Savely, Principal-In-Charge; Alyssa Scholz, Children's Practice Leader (TAYLOR); Vernon Southerland, General Contractor (Turner Construction); Jay Pich, Construction Manager (CLEO Enterprises, Inc.
I dar sey savely [safely] That ye schal come hole and sound wyth victory; And aftyr qwyl ye lyve, be had the more in reputacion.
Other international musicians leading the festival are violinists Dr Savely Shalman, professor at the Special School of Music in St Petersburg, and Alvia Vandysheva, head of strings at the College of Music at the Tchaikovsky Moscow Conservatoire, and pianists Dr Robert Markham, soloist and chamber musician and a tutor at Birmingham Conservatoire, and Joanne Sealey, an honorary member of Birmingham Conservatoire.
The doctor who prescribed them, Savely Yurkovsky, M.