n.1.The act of saving.
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14, 1250), amonestement 'temptation' and commencement 'beginning' (Kentish Sermons 1275), corounement 'the reign of a sovereign', enchauntement 'magic power' and amendement "improvement' (South English Legendary 1300), acoupement 'accusation' and chauntement 'magic power' (Floris and Blauncheflur 1300), comberment 'trouble, distress', prechement 'preaching; an exhortation' and savement 'safety' (Guy of Warwick 1330), avauncement 'promotion', confermement 'an endorsement or confirmation' and maundement 'a command' (Gloucester Chronicle 1325) and concelement 'concealment', tenement 'tenure' and verifiement 'formal verification' (Statutes of the Realm in English 1325).