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Noun1.Savitar - an important Hindu god; the sun in its life-giving aspect
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He then helped Team Flash defeat Savitar and stayed on Earth-1 to attend H.
Savitar Jagtiani, chief digital officer at Landmark Group, the pioneer with Samsung Pay, said, "The actual card numbers are not stored on the device.
We're thrilled to announce the launch of SADAD as a new form of online payments on our brand sites and apps," said Savitar Jagtiani, chief digital officer, Landmark Group.
Nancy Ajram with Mederic Payne, Aarti Jagtiani and Savitar Jagtiani, business head, LandmarkShops.
com, the online arm of Dubai-based Landmark Group, expects to boost sales by 400 per cent in the current financial year (July 2015-June 2016), according to Savitar Jagtiani, its E-Commerce head.
There is a rapid growth in e-commerce across the region as more and more customers shop online for the convenience it offers," the Web site's business head Savitar Jagtiani said.
Despite the shrinking market, the Rus Savitar group of companies posted a turnover of EUR 27 million last year, up 10 percent y-o-y, and has plans to further boost this by 15-20 percent in 2013.
La estrofa denominada gayatri es la mas importante para el sacrificio: "Meditemos en el adorable esplendor de Savitar.
Con respecto a la etimologia, el nombre femenino Savitri deriva del masculino Savitar.
More often called The Savitar this international scholarly collective similar to Anne Rice's Talamasca safeguards artifacts and manuscripts of secret knowledge at their fortified mountain Citadel in Switzerland.
The team of Executive Vice President Jonathan Meisel out of the Parsippany office, Vice President Dan DePalma and Leasing Associate Sumner Putnam out of the Metropark office, are marketing the space on behalf of the landlord, Savitar Realty Advisors.
5cd yatha-yatha patayanto viyemira / evaiva tasthuh savitah savaya te "In whatever manner they have spread themselves out in flight, in that same way they have come to a standstill at thy impelling, O Savitar.