Saw bench

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a bench or table with a flat top for for sawing, especially with a circular saw which projects above the table.

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The builder used my cooker as a saw bench and I can no longer use it.
The chase on the morning of May 18 saw Bench followed at highspeed along the A46 from Stratford before eventually ditching the car in Woodway Lane.
Howards made a 24-inch wide Rotovator tiller for the M.G., while Donald Engineering, Ltd., offered a cut-off saw bench (belt-driven from the PTO) that could be mounted on the rear of the little tractor.
Misc Ritchie Combi Clamp 2000, Acklift Cherry Picker 1350, Weidemann Loader (Spares) 1720, Containers 700, 400, Saw bench 700.
"There were all sorts - a saw bench, a router, heavy duty drills, hand tools.
Aled had restored a Rack saw bench" dating from early 1900s and had it working on the day.
That rookie season with the Reds saw Bench catch 154 games, a major league record for rookie catchers, slam 15 homers, 40 doubles, drive in 82 runs and hit .275.
"Whether you're working in your garage, out in the backyard building a shed or up at the in-laws' cabin building a deck, take a few minutes and cobble together a miter saw bench. With a little creativity, you can use just about any materials you have on hand.