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The small particles of wood or other material that fall from an object being sawed.

saw′dust′y adj.


particles of wood formed by sawing



fine particles of wood produced in sawing.
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Noun1.sawdust - fine particles of wood made by sawing woodsawdust - fine particles of wood made by sawing wood
wood - the hard fibrous lignified substance under the bark of trees
نُشَارَةنُشارَة الخَشَب
mùn cưa


[ˈsɔːdʌst] Nserrín m, aserrín m


[ˈsɔːdʌst] nsciure fsawed-off shotgun n (US)carabine f à canon scié


[ˈsɔːˌdʌst] nsegatura


(soː) noun
a tool for cutting, having a toothed edge. He used a saw to cut through the branch.
verbpast tense sawed: past participles sawn, ~sawed
to cut with a saw. He sawed the log in two.
ˈsawdust noun
a dust of tiny fragments of wood, made by sawing.
ˈsawmill noun
a place in which wood is mechanically sawn.
a sawmill worker.


نُشَارَة piliny savsmuld Sägemehl πριονίδι aserrín, serrín sahanpuru sciure piljevina segatura おがくず 톱밥 zaagsel sagmugg trociny serradura, serragem опилки sågspån ขี้เลื่อย talaş mùn cưa 锯末
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Tenders are invited forSUPPLY OF 1800 MT WOOD (SAW DUST)PALLETS
Dr Javed said the project planned to check the efficiency of locally available bio-sorbent such as saw dust of cedrus deodar as a scavenger for sorption of toxic dyes from wastewater.
"A lorry behind me swerved out and I saw dust and cars in the hard shoulder in my mirror."
Tsabong Black Rangers saw dust as Tlokweng Black Peril beat them 1-0 on home ground in the second round of Debswana First Division South League on March 9.
According to the DG PFA, all of three factories were preparing red chilli powder by using artificial color and saw dust. PFA took 4000 Kg prepared red chilli powder in their custody and sealed the factories.
Their topics include the importance of reusing and recycling electronic wastes, the feedstock recycling of automobile shredder residue, wetting studies as enablers for recycling and reuse of microfluidic devices, studies on the effect of coconut pith on thermoplastic vulcanizates based on recycled polypropylene/reclaimed ethylene propylene diene rubber composites, and preparing and characterizing wood-plastic composite from plastic waste and saw dust. ([umlaut] Ringgold, Inc., Portland, OR)
Walnut trees infested with plant parasitic nematodes were treated with different organic amendments pigeon manure, horse dung, cow dung, duck manure and castor oil cakes at the rate of 8 Kg/tree and saw dust at the rate of 10kg/tree, respectively.
One way of doing this is channelling the slurry into a pit that has saw dust. The saw dust will absolve the water and dry the slurry.
Five different recipes evaluated in the study were chickpea husk, loose grass and cow dung (C1), Wheat straw, cow dung slurry and loose grass (C2), saw dust, vegetable scrapes and cow dung slurry (C3), farm yard manure and saw dust (C4) and cow dung and saw dust (C5).
RAWALPINDI -- The Punjab Government has completely banned the storage, transportation, supply and sale of spurious Khal Binola, being prepared by using ingredients other than cotton seed, like hospital waste cotton, waste lint and cotton, lime stone, wood saw dust, Husk, colour dyes, wood shaving, rice polish, corn cobs, and Khokari.
waste lint and cotton, lime stone, wood saw dust, husk, color dyes, wood shoving rice polish, com cobs, khokari etc were being used to make the products.
Details have emerged that council enforcement officers were on the site just two weeks ago to make sure the firm cleared the area after complaints of saw dust. The site was also struck by two fires, in 2010 and 2012.