Saw grass

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(Bot.) any one of certain cyperaceous plants having the edges of the leaves set with minute sharp teeth, especially the Cladium Mariscus of Europe, and the Cladium effusum of the Southern United States. Cf. Razor grass, under Razor.

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you are the moss on the oak the saw grass in the field you are the
I didn't even realize we overshot the runway until we saw grass outside the window.
George Balmer, one of the volunteers who looks after the site, said he was "absolutely gutted" when he saw grass had been stolen.
JUST reading the article in The Chronicle about poor playing fields etc, I looked at the picture and saw grass and a goal, fair enough, no net.
Launching your boatfrom the ramps located on the Tamiami Trail, Mac's Fishing Camp, Holiday Park, Saw grass Recreation Park and along the canals of State Road 27 puts you right in the middle of the action.
Then, out of the fog, I saw grass and it was about eight foot beneath us.
The ecologist in me has a special fondness for the Nammy nominated Peace From The Everglades, celebrating South Florida's iconic River of Grass ; Anglo settlers drove the Miccosukee into the Saw Grass with the mosquitoes and the Dengue, the alligators, the water moccasins; during the 18th and 19th centuries hoping the harsh conditions would be the end of them.
By now we knew there were several good bulls among the buffalo we could see, with just a fringe of diminishing saw grass remaining for cover.
The talented Spaniard added his seventh PGA Tour title to his resume at Saw grass earlier this year to break a three-year winless streak.
More than 8,000 people voted - with half of all votes for Jan's entry, Florida (Where the Saw grass Meets the Sky).
Dead flowers, a sack that once saw grass clippings, bin lids sticking up two or three inches, bags left at the side of the bin, and bins not wheeled to the side of the road, are pathetic excuses for not collecting our rubbish and make a nonsense of the council's green commitment which is itself admirable.