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1. A plant where timber is sawed into boards.
2. A large machine for sawing lumber.


1. (Forestry) an industrial establishment where timber is sawn into planks, etc
2. (Forestry) a large sawing machine



a place or building in which timber is sawed into planks, boards, etc., by machinery.
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Noun1.sawmill - a large sawing machinesawmill - a large sawing machine    
power saw, sawing machine, saw - a power tool for cutting wood
2.sawmill - a mill for dressing logs and lumber
factory, manufactory, manufacturing plant, mill - a plant consisting of one or more buildings with facilities for manufacturing
متَعَلِّق بالمَنْشَرَهمَنْشَرَه
na pilepila
sögunarverksmiîjastarfsmaîur í sögunarverksmiîju
na píle
bıçkı atelyesikereste fabrikası


[ˈsɔːmɪl] Naserradero m


[ˈsɔːmɪl] nscierie f


[ˈsɔːˌmɪl] nsegheria


(soː) noun
a tool for cutting, having a toothed edge. He used a saw to cut through the branch.
verbpast tense sawed: past participles sawn, ~sawed
to cut with a saw. He sawed the log in two.
ˈsawdust noun
a dust of tiny fragments of wood, made by sawing.
ˈsawmill noun
a place in which wood is mechanically sawn.
a sawmill worker.
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18 January 2018 - US-based private equity firm Saw Mill Capital Partners II, LP in partnership with the management of US-based learning spaces creator MeTEOR Education, LLC have acquired MeTEOR from Hudson Ferry Capital, the firm said.
Pulmonary functions (PFs) in saw mill workers have been studied in India, [3,4] however, correlation of respiratory symptoms and compromised PFs with bioaerosol exposure has not been explored.
In 2016 Rob, his wife Marie, 42, who live in Saltburn, and Jonathan Neasham, who lives in Osmotherley, launched the Old Saw Mill Garden Party on land near Brompton, close to Northallerton.
Gateway Packaging Company, a portfolio company of Saw Mill Capital LLC, has acquired the operating assets of Werthan Packaging, Inc.
Andy Grossman worked as the lead broker representing both the buyers and sellers, in the sales of 200 South 14th Avenue in Mount Vernon and 642 Saw Mill Rover Road in Ardsley.
UNITE, the UK firm specialising in developing such accommodation, celebrated the topping out of their new property, Saw Mill, in a joint celebration with construction partner Watkin Jones.
This was the year before Jones met with his second accident which took place in the colliery's saw mill, where he sometimes assisted.
The loss was due to lower sales prices, continued high raw materials prices and restructuring costs of SEK100m related to the closure of the Lovholmen saw mill in Sweden.
When I saw Mill Reef glide through the York mud to win by ten lengths I fell instantly in love.
Half the saw mill and pulp-mill jobs will be gone in 20 years.
The chain saw mill shown in the right-hand picture on Page 92 of the August/September 2004 issue is a Haddon Lumbermaker, net a Granberg Mini-Mill as I had indicated in the story.

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