Sawtooth Range

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Saw·tooth Range

A range of the Rocky Mountains in central Idaho rising to 3,277 m (10,751 ft).
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Sounding data from each IOP indicated that temperatures at 700 hPa, approximately the height of the highest mountains along the eastern border of the Payette basin (i.e., the Sawtooth Range), were relatively warm for winter storms, ranging from -Io to -14[degrees]C.
I walked off the plane in Hailey, Ida ho, passed through the sleepy airport, and there she was, waiting curbside: a 1990 Jeep Grand Wagoneer, ready to start a new life at our ranch beneath the majestic backdrop of the Sawtooth Range.
The fast-moving wildfire has burned more than 92,000 acres (37,230 hectares) of sagebrush flats, pine forests and granite canyons in the Sawtooth Range west of a highway that connects Hailey, a town of about 8,000 people, to Ketchum and Sun Valley to the north.
Tucked away in the heart of Idaho's Sawtooth Range is Redfish Lake, a place for foot-dipping, fly-fishing, and boat-tripping.
Green peaks of the Sawtooth Range surrounded me as I stood atop the fullpipe at Hailey, Idaho, still dizzy from the altitude drop I experienced on the first run through the deep end of the park.
Correctly identify all three places described and you could win a Sierra Club backpack trip for two in Idaho's Sawtooth Range. Our other contest sponsors will make sure you're nicely outfitted, with two Sovereign backpacks and an Aurora tent from Eureka!, Landmark compasses from Silva, a pair of Enduro boots from Hi-Tec, and a MacKenzie water purifier from Exstream Water Technologies.
From here you see the north side of the Great Range, Basin, Haystack, Marcy and Colden, all the way west to Santanoni, the Sawtooth Range, and Ampersand.
A spectacular front row view of Idaho's Sawtooth Range is one of the extras you get along with your massege or facial--'and glass of wine--at the Meadow Creek Inn & Spa in Stanley, three hours north of boise.
The water's still surface perfectly mirrors the ragged spires of the aptly named Sawtooth Range stacked against the western horizon.
And the Salmon, the River of No Return, is the longest free-flowing drainage in the Lower 48, beginning as a trickle in the Sawtooth Range above Sun Valley and traveling 420 miles before pouring into the Snake south of Lewiston.
Near the summit--30 miles from Ketchum--is an overlook giving a panorama of the Sawtooth Range above the Salmon River's headwaters.