Willie Mays

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Noun1.Willie Mays - United States baseball player (born in 1931)
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Asked if fans should say hello or give her space if they meet her, she replied, 'Say hey. It's cool.
For now, smile, say hey and let that be step one to breaking out of your shell.
Now all emotion spent And time itself has almost gone Oh there'll be posturing of course Sad choirs of youths will chant their litanies And drums still roll But most, by far the most, stand silent Some are moved to tears, many bow their heads How cold and dark will seem the night As coruscating beacons fade And hope itself has fled There's no appeal, no higher court To set aside the judgement of our peers Found wanting at this court of kings This trial of the great Go home, go home I say, sit by your hearth Your wife will soothe you with her tender balms Aeons will pass, the galaxies recede Men sail among the stars Till come a day, beneath a purple sky Atop a methane ocean A silver suited man may say Hey up, at last, Town have won promotion Would you like your poem featured?