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Noun1.Sayda - the main city of ancient PhoeniciaSayda - the main city of ancient Phoenicia  
Lebanese Republic, Lebanon - an Asian republic at east end of Mediterranean
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Voters present papers at a polling station in the El Sayda Zeinab area on the third day of voting in the Egyptian presidential elections in Cairo, May 28, 2014.
La secretaire d'Etat chargee de la Formation Professionnelle et de l'Initiative Privee, Sayda Lounissi a indique, jeudi, que la strategie nationale de l'entreprenariat prevoit un programme baptise "Nouvelle generation d'entrepreneurs".
TAP) - More than 60pc of vocational training graduates find a job as soon as they finish their studies, said Sayda Ounissi, Secretary of State for Training and Entrepreneurship.
Now is too early to talk about building repositories in the Murmansk region," he said, and pointed to Sayda Bay, a refurbished nuclear storage site on Kola Bay where dozens of reactor compartments from nuclear vessels are kept.
Basateen al-Mekheisa and the surrounding villages located in al-Waqf basin on the outskirts of abu Sayda town, Northeast of Diyala, were shelled five times over the past two months," Awwad al-Rubai'e, head of the security committee of Abu Sayda council said, Al Ghad reported.
The conference was also addressed by Sayda Ruqia Shah, Naeem Akram Qureshi, Hakeem Mohammad Saharanpuri, Allama Saleem Haider, Dr Murtaza Mughal, Javed Bhatti, Rafiq Mughal, Dr Sajid Kiayani, Qari Mohammad Azam, Prof Saeed Khalid, Kokab Iqbal Abdullah Gul, Allama Izhar Bukhari, Sheikh Mohammad Anwar Al-Kausar University, Allama Arif Wahadi, Romana Bashir and Ikhlaq Zaidi.
7) There are Shi'a majorities in Khalis (population 319,000 in 2007) and Balad Ruz (population 135,000 in 2007) districts (plus Abu Sayda subdistrict in Muqdadiyah).
In other developments, regime forces freed 14 members of the army and allied fighters who being held in captivity by Nusra Front in the town of Sayda, situated in Deraa countryside, according to the Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.
The name of its capital, Tyre -- Sayda,--Lebanon (Sartre, 2001: 614)--, was given by Roman authority to Syria after the victory of Septimius Severus (Vivancos, 2005).
At last people have come to recognise the value of the Egyptian lantern after years of fascination with the Chinese lantern," added Atta, who works in the Old Cairo district of Al Sayda Zainab.
Earlier in the day terrorists detonated two car bombs in Homs killing at least 39 civilians and injuring tens, while other terrorist bombing targeted Sayda al-Zainab town in Damascus countryside killing 83 civilians.
Another Palestinian was re-detained as forces raided Sayda village to the north.