n.1.A mixed stuff, called also sagathy. See Sagathy.
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Some laboratory studies, however, have produced conflicting results, demonstrating an alcohol-induced stress reduction even in the absence of a distraction (Sayette 1993a).
The other work new to the company, to be presented in conjunction with Seattle's celebration of the Aaron Copland centennial, is Eugene Loring's Billy the Kid, to be staged by Howard Sayette. Sprinkled throughout are Balanchine's Agon, Ballet Imperial, and Concerto Barocco as well as works by Lynne Taylor-Corbett, Val Caniparoli, and Stowell, whose wildly successful Silver Lining, an evening-length work set to the music of Jerome Kern, concludes the season.
Alcohol impairs not only the ability to respond to provocation by reducing the number and quality of responses that the person generates, but also the ability to anticipate the other person's reaction and plan a further response if the initial response fails (Sayette, Wilson & Elias, 1993).
To evaluate this hypothesis, Sayette and colleagues (1994) randomly assigned 24 alcoholic men admitted for inpatient alcoholism treatment to hold either a glass of water or their preferred alcoholic beverage for 3 minutes and to sniff the contents at specified intervals.
For example, such situational instigators as frustration, provocation, threat, and social pressure have been shown to lead to increased aggression in intoxicated subjects (Bushman, 1993; Sayette, Wilson & Elias, 1993; Taylor & Chermack, 1993).
(Oakland's ballet master, Howard Sayette, recently set Les Noces for its St.
One perspective on cognitive conflict or ambivalence provides for the explicit definition and measurement of component dimensions, whereas conflict in Tiffany's cognitive processing model is inferred from the increased cognitive effort thought to be associated with the dual processing required when competing response inclinations are present (Cepeda-Benito and Tiffany 1996; Sayette et al.
Sayette, Wilson & Elias (1993) conducted a study to identify the cognitive aspects of aggressive behavior associated with drinking.
Lara Deans Lowe's Nurse and the redoubtable Howard Sayette's Friar Laurence were both made too meddlesome in the final act.
Estudios posteriores (ej., Shiffman y Sayette, 2005) examinaron la utilidad de la NDSS en fumadores ocasionales y regulares, en fumadores adolescentes, de 12 a 18 anos (Clark, Wood, Martin, Cornelius, Lynch y Shiffman, 2005) y en fumadores universitarios (Costello, Dierker, Sledjeski, Flaherty, Flay y Shiffman, 2007; Sledjeski, Dierker, Costello, Shiffman, Dony y Flay, 2007).
Numerous studies also have supported the cognitive processing model's prediction that craving activation should disrupt cognitive functioning (Sayette in press).