scala media

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sca·la me·di·a

 (skā′lə mē′dē-ə)
n. pl. sca·lae me·di·ae (skā′lē mē′dē-ē)
The middle division of three divisions of the spiral cavity winding around the modiolus of the cochlea in the inner ear. It is situated between the scala vestibuli and scala tympani, filled with endolymph, and houses the organ of Corti. Also called cochlear duct.

[New Latin scāla media : Latin scāla, staircase (from its spiral structure ) + Latin media, feminine of medius, middle.]
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The human ear also relies on a compartment called the scala media, which similarly drives ions into the sensory cells of the ear," he said.
The cochlea is basically compound from three fluid spaces (scala vestibuli, scala media and scala tympani) which are divided by two membranes (basilar and Reissner's membranes).