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These studies considered different configurations of video encoding such as AVC and Scalable Video Coding (SVC) standards [10, 16, 17].
Digital rights management for the home TV based on scalable video coding," IEEE Trans.
Zhang, "Fast mode decision for scalable video coding utilizing spatial and interlayer correlation," Journal of Electronic Imaging, vol.
Husemann et al., "A tutorial on H.264/SVC scalable video coding and its tradeoff between quality, coding efficiency and performance," in Recent Advances on Video Coding, J.
This paper covers three main areas of video coding advances: (i) efficient encoding of conventional two-dimensional (2D) video into a nonscalable video bitstream, that is, a video bitstream that is not explicitly designed to be scaled (e.g., reduced in bitrate) during network transport, (ii) scalable video coding, that is, video coding that is explicitly designed to permit for scaling (e.g., bitrate reduction) so as to make the video traffic adaptive (elastic) during network transport, and (iii) efficient nonscalable encoding of three-dimensional (3D) video.
Further enhancements to the standard were made over the next six years, with the Fidelity Range Extensions (2004), Scalable Video Coding (2007) and Multiview Video Coding (2009) expanding its applicability.
Topics include economic traffic management, the economics of utility services, user profiles, intrusion detection techniques, identity engineered architecture, virtual infrastructures, self-managed network systems, monitoring service clouds, energy management in smart cities, and scalable video coding.
"Vidyo's unique network architecture and groundbreaking implementation of the H.264 SVC (scalable video coding) standard enable CoroCall to deliver a full range of videoconferencing experiences, from stable video over a 3G connection to full 1080p HD quality videoconferencing over a normal high-speed internet connection," said Joshua Sherman, Business Unit Manager for Telepresence at Coroware.
For those seeking a quick briefing on the new technology, you can read about it in my article "Scalable Video Coding: The Future of Video Delivery?" (
This service model is feasible with Scalable Video Coding (SVC) and Scalable High Efficiency Video Coding (SHVC).

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