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 (skə-lâr′ē, -lär′ē)

[Latin scālāre, neuter of scālāris, of a ladder (so-called from its parallel markings), from scālae, ladder; see scale2.]


(Animals) another name for angelfish2
[C19: from Latin scālāris of a ladder, scalar, referring to the runglike pattern on its body]


(skəˈlɛər i, -ˈlɑr i)

any of three deep-bodied angelfish, Pterophyllumscalare,P.altum, and P.eimekei, of N South American rivers.
[1925–30; < New Latin; Latin scālāre, neuter of scālāris scalar]
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After birth, symptoms such as dazed, agitated, withdrawn, disoriented, or depressed may alert the nurse to an acute traumatic stress following childbirth (Church & Scalan, 2002).
Research has clearly documented the impact of care-giving for people with dementia on several aspects of caregiver's life, as well as its negative consequences in their physical and emotional state (Pinquart & Sorensen, 2003; Vitaliano, Zhang, & Scalan, 2003).
Getting On (BBC4, 10pm) The bleak NHS portrait, set in a hospital ward, is back, and it's a second comedy appearance on the box this week for Joanne Scalan, raised in Ruthin (where her father owned the Ruthin Castle Hotel) who went to school in Denbigh.
When investigating the deterrents to continuing education participation, Scalan and Darkenwald (1984) find that work constraints is one of the six principle factors.
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