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n.1.A Scandinavian poet; a scald.
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For our quail, pheasants and chickens, we have a scalder and a homemade feather plucker.
Dallas, GA) equipped with copper jacketed graphite electrodes was applied to scalder and chiller waters to minimize the number of Campylobacter spp.
One of those products is FreshFx antimicrobial solution, which is USDA- approved for use anywhere along the poultry processing line -- from scalder to post chill -- to control Salmonella, E.
Full-Scale (250 ton) Poultry Processing Example * Continuous scalder and chiller: 50,000 birds/h and 1/4 gal/bird = 208 gal/min * Hot water heating requirement: 208 gpm from 61[degrees]F to 135[degrees]F = 7.
The carcasses are submerged in a hot water bath called a scalder to prepare them for evisceration -- removal of inner organs and non-edible parts.
In August 2005, the Company began the in-plant commercial verification process for USDA approval to use the pHarlo technology in the scalder process of poultry processing.
USDA testing policies that were scheduled to go into effect at the end of March, were postponed, which had an impact on our marketing strategy for the scalder application.
which manufactures FreshFx antimicrobial solution, recently confirmed that poultry processing plants using FreshFx to acidify the scalder water have demonstrated a reduction in pathogen load.
Set-up requires at a minimum a scalder of some sort, a work table, cutting tools, and running water.
Lanny Dacus, Tasker's president and CEO, said, "The company originally focused on developing and achieving USDA acceptance of Tasker Blue for use in the scalder section of poultry processing.