Scale armor

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(Mil.) armor made of small metallic scales overlapping, and fastened upon leather or cloth.

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As to ornament, there wasn't any, strictly speaking; though on the walls hung some huge tapes- tries which were probably taxed as works of art; battle-pieces, they were, with horses shaped like those which children cut out of paper or create in ginger- bread; with men on them in scale armor whose scales are represented by round holes -- so that the man's coat looks as if it had been done with a biscuit-punch.
Among their topics are blacksmithing techniques and production methods, producing sheet metal, the surface treatment of armor, helmets, scale armor, leg and arm armor, and the shield and boss.
and probably wore scale armor as well, like the Romans.
foot soldiers, they wear breeches and shirts of mail or scale armor,
It consisted of overlapping pieces of copper and looked like the skin of a snake so it was called scale armor or "Kursimtu" after "Kursindu" meaning snake.
Seoul, July 22 (ANI): In a historic discovery, a collection of fifth-century scale armor of Silla Dynasty cavalrymen was unearthed last month in Gyeongju, North Gyeongsang, Korea, providing proof of the existence of these mythical men.
The armor on display included complete sets of scale armor and barding, or armor for horses.
Observations indicate that moderate amounts of training impacts (ordnance-ignited fires and small scale armor maneuvers) help maintain vireo habitat.