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(skŏl′əp, skăl′-) also scol·lop (skŏl′-)
a. Any of various marine bivalve mollusks of the family Pectinidae, having fan-shaped shells with a radiating fluted pattern.
b. The edible adductor muscle of a scallop.
c. A shell of a scallop, or a dish in a similar shape, used for baking and serving seafood.
2. One of a series of curved projections forming an ornamental border.
3. See escalope.
v. scal·loped, scal·lop·ing, scal·lops also scol·loped or scol·lop·ing or scol·lops
1. To edge (cloth, for example) with a series of curved projections.
2. To bake in a casserole with milk or a sauce and often with bread crumbs: scalloped potatoes.
3. To cut (meat) into thin boneless slices.
To gather scallops for eating or sale.

[Middle English scalop, from Old French escalope, shell, perhaps of Germanic origin (akin to Dutch schelp, seashell), or from Old French escale, scale; see scale1 + Old French (envel)ope, enveloping cover (from enveloper, to envelop; see envelop).]

scal′lop·er n.