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[From scandium.]


An ancient and poetic name for Scandinavia or the Scandinavian Peninsula.

Scan′di·an adj. & n.


(Peoples) another name for a Scandinavian
[C17: from Latin Scandia Scandinavia]
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(6.) Scanu AM, Scandian. Lipoprotein (a), Structure, Biology and clinical relevance.
The principal Scandian orogenesis is a product of oblique collision between Baltica and Laurentia in the Late Silurian to Early Devonian, during which the Baltoscandian margin was subducted beneath Laurentia.
Other associated minerals are: scandiobabingtonite, scandian ixiolite, hingganite-(Y), cerian epidote, titanite, plumbomicrolite and other microlite minerals, bazzite, milarite cassiterite and two unidentified tantalum minerals (rynersonite?