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n. Symbol Sc
A soft, silvery-white metallic element that is found in various minerals, often with other rare-earth elements, or is separated as a byproduct in the processing of certain uranium ores. It is used in materials for high-efficiency lighting, and an artificially produced radioactive isotope is used as a tracer in studies of oil wells and pipelines. Atomic number 21; atomic weight 44.956; melting point 1,541°C; boiling point 2,836°C; specific gravity 2.989 (25°C); valence 3. See Periodic Table.

[From Latin Scandia, Scandinavia.]

scan′dic (-dĭk) adj.


(Chemistry) of or containing scandium
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Nordic region hotel company Scandic Hotels Group AB (STO:SHOT) announced on Tuesday that its nomination committee will propose to the Annual General Meeting, to be held on 26 April 2018, the election of Per G.
Scandic Hotels, the largest hotel company in the Nordic countries, has signed a long-term lease agreement with developer B&L Group regarding the operation of a new hotel in Frankfurt.
Scandic Hotels Scandic to Introduce and Spread New HTL Brand.
Following the incident, the 300,000-member Norwegian Union of Municipal and General Employees announced that it was boycotting all Scandic hotels in Norway.
Scandinavia's Scandic Hotels, for example, is partnering with the Swedish environmental group Natural Step on such initiatives as creating the 97 percent recyclable hotel room, complete with furniture produced from local trees, pure wool or cotton textiles, and very little metal.
Telia Mobile, the mobile operator subsidiary of the Swedish telecomms group Telia, has signed a long-term collaboration agreement with the Finnish unit of the hotel chain Scandic Hotels.
4m, stripping out profits from its Scandic Hotels, which it bought in June.
Mr Michels said 20 Scandic hotels in the Nordic region would be rebranded as Hilton hotels while a further 17 Scandic hotels in other European cities will also be converted.
It added that Silja Line and Scandic Hotels had also agreed to expand and develop their cooperation in Finland, Sweden and Estonia.
Scandic Hotels Group AB (STO:SHOT), a large hotel company in the Nordic region, announced on Tuesday that Vagn Sorensen will step down as chairman and member of the board of directors from the Annual General Meeting 2018.