Scaphiopus hammondii

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Noun1.Scaphiopus hammondii - this spadefoot toad live in California
genus Scaphiopus, Scaphiopus - New World spadefoot toads
spadefoot, spadefoot toad - a burrowing toad of the northern hemisphere with a horny spade-like projection on each hind foot
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Adaptive plasticity in amphibian metamorphosis: response of Scaphiopus hammondii tadpoles to habitat desiccation.
Hormonal correlates of environmentally induced metamorphosis in the Western Spadefoot Toad, Scaphiopus hammondii. General and Comparative Endocrinology 110:326-336.
In this study we examined, in a controlled laboratory setting, phenotypic plasticity in development time of the western spadefoot toad Scaphiopus hammondii as influenced by changes in the water volume of the larval habitat.